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50 Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom

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50 ways to use skype

Skype is a free and easy way for teachers to open up their classroom and their students to a world way beyond their campus. With Skype, students can learn from other students, connect with other cultures, and expand their knowledge in amazing ways. Teachers and parents can also benefit from Skype in the classroom. Read below to learn how you can take advantage of the power of Skype in your classroom.


Plagiarism Checker Tool

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This educational tool was designed as a project for the University of Maryland at College Park Department of Education.

You just need to Cut & paste your students paper or homework assignment into the box below, and click the “check” button.  This free plagiarism detector will find plagiarized text in homework and other essays/reports.


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Wikireadia is a searchable and editable online encyclopaedia of good practice in reading. As reading is a huge field the number of articles and topics is potentially huge and this is a chance to gather together and share good practice in reading for all audiences (whether that is young children, adult learners, readers in the workplace or setting up a library the list is almost endless).

Wikireadia will be as useful and as informative as you make it. It is up to you to contribute articles as well as finding information on good practice.

For teachers: Wikireadia can help you find new ways to engage pupils in your school, whether early years, primary or secondary.

The projects and evidence in Wikireadia can save you time and effort planning reading projects and work for your class.

For Parents: Wikireadia can help you find new ideas for reading with your children, sources of information on reading, recommended reading lists.

Web 2.0 in Education Wiki (UK)

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This site is designed to provide teachers with a directory of free webtools along with some suggestions as to how they may be used in the classroom. Searched over 2000 websites and listed 194 tools, that’s 194 opportunities for you to use ICT in your classroom and all for free!