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Video without the distractions

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To watch web videos without the comments and other stuff, just drag the button below to your browser’s bookmarks bar. On any of the supported video pages, click the bookmark button to watch in peace.

You can then make short URLs too, to send the quietube version to your friends. Easy as.

They support YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Viddler, and Vimeo, with more to come…

Here’s an example.
Here’s a quick tutorial.

Updates on Twitter.



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Shared and described by Free Technology for Teachers

Navify is a new mashup of Wikipedia, Flickr, and YouTube. Like Nibipedia and Visual Wikipedia,Navify attempts to match videos and images to Wikipedia articles. To use Navify, simply enter a search term just as you would on Wikipedia. The results of your search will be shown in a three tab display of Wikipedia article, related images, and related videos.

YouTube EDU

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Shared and written by Open Culture

Google has launched YouTube EDU, which centralizes the content from over 100 universities and colleges (get list here).  This robust collection gives you access to lectures by professors and world-renowned thought leaders, new research and campus tours. At the moment, you can access over 200 full courses from leading universities, including MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Yale and  IIT/IISc.  And it’s all searchable within YouTube EDU.

This could genuinely help young people make more informed decisions about what schools to apply to. –Read and Write Web-

YouTube Education: 80 Intelligent Video Collections

In Videos on February 4, 2009 at 6:03 pm

Open Culture.Com is a website about cultural and educational media.

They have a list of Video Collections in You Tube on culture, society, politics, science and more.

Here are some of the collections: