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Find the Best, Top Sites

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Is a search engine to find the best, top sites!


Google Squared

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Google square labs

Visualize search results a whole new way with Google Squared. Export your search results and data to a Google Spreadsheet.

Web 2.0 Apps

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my fax

MyFax allows you to send up to two faxes per day, 10 pages each. Fax documents such as word, excel or PDF files anywhere within 41 countries.


Topsy is a new kind of search engine, with a new way of looking at the Internet. Topsy doesn’t think the Internet is a collection of documents. Or even a web of documents. Topsy sees the Internet as a stream of conversations. Topsy results are the things people link to, when they’re talking about your search terms. Topsy ranks results based on how well they match your search terms, and the influence of the people talking about them.