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I read about this tool on the Langwitches Blog, followed it on Larry Ferlazzo’s Blog and viewed a sample on Nick’s Learning Technology Blog.

Since I just learned about this tool I’ll post my fellow blogguers description about Wallwisher.


So Wallwisher says about themselves:

“Wallwisher is an Internet application that allows people to express their thoughts on a common topic easily.”

I created a wall, chose the background, gave it a title and subtitle and double clicked to add my first stickie :

  • 160 characters or less
  • Add a link to an image, audio or video link

I grabbed the URL of my wall, twittered about it and asked others to add their own thoughts.

I see this as a potential for professional development as well as in the classroom. An advantage for working with students (especially elementary age ones) is that:

  • you don’t have to be a registered user in order to post a stickie
  • set preferences who can view and edit the board

Here are some potential uses I can envision:

  • any kind of collaborative brainstorming
  • virtual announcement board
  • create collaboratively a visual of relevant and supportive resources of a topic (bookmarking)
  • Get students /teachers to PARTICIPATE with their opinions

Larry Ferlazzo-

Wallwisher appears to me to be one of the most useful Web 2.0 sites I’ve found in awhile. It can be a great place for students to use higher-order thinking by creating categories of images (and descriptions) or short texts they copy and paste (or write themselves). It can also be used as a site for social bookmarking of websites if you just right-click the website you put inside the sticky-note and then click on “open in a new window.”

Nik Peachey-

You can see a wall that I created here with some notes about Web 2.0 Tools for EFL ESL Teachers.

So how do we use this with students?

  • We can create video tasks and get students to post responses to the wall by leaving it open for everyone to contribute. Here’s a wall that I created about Ramadan. This wall has been left open for anyone to contribute to.
  • We could use the wall to collect different links to various resources around the web for students to explore, a little like a web quest or treasure hunt.
  • We could give students a theme and get them to create their own walls based around that theme.
  • We could get students to create fan walls based around a favourite band or celebrity.
  • You can use the wall to collect and share resources like this one on IELTS
  • You could use the wall to set up video or image based activities. Here’s a video activity that I have set up for teachers based around a Mr Bean Video. Feel free to contribute.
  • This activity uses an image to get students to practice using present continuous.
  • You can use the wall to create debates. You can do this either by posting your own contentious opinions or using videos from sites like and get students to respond. This could be a way of dealing with sensitive issues and enabling students to be able to express opinions that they might not feel comfortable doing in the classroom. Here’s an example
  • We can even create grammar walls and get students to post what they know and examples of different verb tenses or grammar points.
  • We could even get students to post their wishes on it using third conditional.
  • Or last but not least we could use it to notify our students or parents of homework assignments and keep them up to date with what’s happening in class.

Voice Thread Wiki 4 Education

In Wikis on March 10, 2009 at 7:07 pm

Richard M. Byrne wrote about Colette Cassinelli’s , Voice thread 4 education Wiki.

I think this is a complete guide for teachers who want to use voicethread.