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Voice Thread Wiki 4 Education

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Richard M. Byrne wrote about Colette Cassinelli’s , Voice thread 4 education Wiki.

I think this is a complete guide for teachers who want to use voicethread.



Web2ThatWorks Wiki

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In this day of high-stakes testing and frequent complaints from teachers that they “don’t have time to use technology” in the classroom, this wiki seeks to bridge the gap to help teachers see that technology doesn’t have to be an add-on that distracts them from focusing on the curriculum. Rather than accepting an either/or mentality, we can begin to connect technology to the accepted “best practices”

Readers and contributors will learn and share information about specific Web 2.0 tools that can be used by teachers, and strategies that can be used with those tools that align with and support research-based effective instructional methods.

This wiki is an information resource as well as an interactive space where readers can add their own insights and strategies.


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Teampedia is a collaborative encyclopedia of free team building activities, free icebreakers, teamwork resources, and tools for teams that anyone can edit!

This site is designed for a wide audience including: team leaders, trainers, teachers, managers, camp directors, counselors, and youth groups.

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Wikireadia is a searchable and editable online encyclopaedia of good practice in reading. As reading is a huge field the number of articles and topics is potentially huge and this is a chance to gather together and share good practice in reading for all audiences (whether that is young children, adult learners, readers in the workplace or setting up a library the list is almost endless).

Wikireadia will be as useful and as informative as you make it. It is up to you to contribute articles as well as finding information on good practice.

For teachers: Wikireadia can help you find new ways to engage pupils in your school, whether early years, primary or secondary.

The projects and evidence in Wikireadia can save you time and effort planning reading projects and work for your class.

For Parents: Wikireadia can help you find new ideas for reading with your children, sources of information on reading, recommended reading lists.