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Web 2.0 Videos

In Uncategorized on October 12, 2009 at 5:09 pm

I’m rewriting the post from my Amschool Curriculum Blog in here.

While reading and browsing through Steve Dembo’s Blog, I found that Hall Davidson and Steve Himself have been creating a series of videos focusing on Web 2.0. As Steve mentions on his blog ” they have been released for as part of CDWG’s Conquering Technophobia mini-site, which has the videos we created as well as a slew of resources for teachers who are looking to learn more about new technologies.”

The videos will show six different ways to incorporate web 2.0 in the classroom. You can share them with anyone since they can be embedded on a blog, wiki etc.

This videos are a great tool to introduce web 2.0 to teachers and staff.

You can watch the rest of them here.