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5000 Online Resources

In Resources, Web 2.0 on August 29, 2008 at 4:10 pm

This post by John Costilla on the Classroom 2.0 social network is great! 

Yet Another List – 5000+ Online Resources

Mashable always seems to have a few great finds. This is the mother load of Web resources so surely there is something here for you. Check it out.

Everything from tools for blogging, podcasting, communications, photo & video editing, web browsing, web development, searching & bookmarking, along with tools for work and life. I will frequent this collection often.
Here are a few of my favorites:
6 Key Ways to Measure Your Blog’s Success – Six essential tools for measuring how your blog is performing.
50+ Ways to Track Website Traffic – It’s difficult to grow your blog or website without having some data on how people are finding you and using your site.
120+ Resources for Bloggers – From design to hosting, there’s something here for every level of blogging experience.
12 Twitter Apps for Your Phone – Do your mini-blogging while on the go.
50 Great Widgets For Your Blog – All sorts of services offered by third-party websites for you to add new features and functionality to your blog.
75+ iPhone Resources – Apps, bogs, podcasts and more about the iPhone.
100+ Tools For Flickr Addicts – The possibilities with Flickr seem endless, and this toolbox shows you just some of what is out there for you Flickr addicts.
150+ Online Video Tools and Resources – Tools for just about every aspect of getting your video online including editing, converting, hosting and more.
30+ Presentation & Slideshow Services – Sites that help you make presentations or just make slideshows of images to share with colleagues or friends.
30+ Resources to Get Things Done – It’s easy to get distracted on the web; this list will hopefully keep you a bit more organized and focused.
60+ Collaborative Tools for Groups – Tools for teams or businesses to work together from remote locations.
40+ Online Polling Sites – Take polls, create polls, and gauge public opinion.
30+ Tagging Tools – We all like quick, easy access to things, and tagging helps you do just that.
80+ Open Source Content Management Systems – a Content Management System (CMS) is an easy and quick way to get a website built and organized.
30+ Wiki Tools and Resources – Various tools for building a wiki.
150+ Facebook Apps, Scripts and Add-ons – From desktop apps to Firefox plugins, this list is a nearly


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