Lidia Sevilla


In Wikis on December 17, 2007 at 5:33 pm

Wiki come from the Hawaiian language and means “fast”. Wikis are an on-line resource which allows a group of users to add and edit any portion of the content collectively. The best example of a wiki is Wikipedia, which is an on-line encyclopedia whose entries can be edited or added to by anyone who has more in deph information on the subject.

Teachers can use wikipedia in their classrooms to make projects on publishing and editing content in wikipedia. Some other activities on wikipedia can be fixing spelling and grammatical mistakes on articles,  translating articles to other languages. Students can learn about a topic and improve their writing skills.

A good example of how wikis are used in education is the Westeood School Wiki.

You can create your own web pages that students on your classrooms can edit together. Your own space can be created on:


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